we Show you how to earn 2-3 Times your Rental Income!

Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.

Mark Twain

We specialize in helping investors jump into the mid-term rental game!

Bed with Pillows in the Bedroom
Modern Home Interior
Table Setting in the Dining Room

How this is solving a housing/senior housing crisis this country is facing!

We know the best areas and layouts for this strategy.

Exterior of a House

We convert under-utilized space into additional bedrooms, such as living room, loft, den, office, or garage. This increases the overall earnings potential of the home, while lowering the per room cost for members.

These properties earns 2.5x more ($2534) as a mid-term rental compared with a traditional rental.

Traditional Rental income for a 4 Bed/ 3 Bath is

$1700 Monthly Rent

After Conversions

$4200 Monthly rent

7 bed 3 bath

Lets turn those

3-5 bedroom homes

into 7-10 rooms

We have what it takes to find you the best home potential to maximize your profits.

We organize properties for you and do the extra steps for your due diligence to make you a success in the real estate game.

We know the secret sauce to make you money

Here's a few of the items

Scandinavian Styled Dining and Living Room

Homes with No HOA

Minimalist Decoration on Wooden Drawer

Homes with Ample Parking/ Employment Options Near

Interior of a Modern Bedroom

Enough Sq Ft to make conversions

On our strategy call, we discuss the others!

Time is Money.

Money Grows with Time.

We Can Help You Grow Your Money Faster Then Ever Before!

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Client Reviews

I have known Serena for the past 5 yrs. Starting when she helped me sell my first house. Though it took great effort she never left my side and worked hard til the sale was made. I made her a promise that when it came time to buy my next house she could count on my loyalty. In 2019, I decided to buy again and again I used Ms. Anderson and again she and her staff made the process extremely easy! Folks I'm a disabled combat veteran of the Iraq war and there was things I needed for my next purchase. Serena and staff went above and beyond and now I'm so happy with my house and the dignity and honor that was extended is so refreshing. It was never about making a sale but rather finding the right one for my needs. I will forever be grateful to Serena and a loyal customer and you will too!! Thank you Serena I will be a loyal fan forever!

- Miguel Gonzales

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I decided to jump into Serena's proven strategy to do mid- terms rentals with her guidance and advise. I am not only doing this in Vegas but also Montana. I have worked with many real estate agents over the years and I can definitely say that Serena does care, she does go above and beyond and I am happy to have her on my team as we continue looking for the perfect properties!

- James Hoffcuff

Serena is an expert in understanding what makes a great padsplit and knows how to go above and beyond. Our padsplits clients that have worked with her have personally told me that she is detailed oriented, puts in the extra work and is a problem solving!

- Mandisa Clarke

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Meet Real Estate Broker Serena Anderson

Serena specializes in helping investors acquire properties to execute the maximum profit potential through mid-term rentals with a strategy and plan to make you a success in real estate investing. She is a broker in Nevada and works with investors who she feels she can help and that she can have a mutually respectful relationship with.


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Convert an existing home or we find a home to invest in and start the conversion.


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House and Money with Pad and Pen

Start Making Money- 2-3 X traditional rental income!

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